I’m a software developer born in South Africa, and now living in wonderful Australia and working as a Senior Security Consultant for the Westpac Group in their cryptography division.  I attended the University of Hertfordshire in the UK (best uni in the world!!), completed my Masters Degree Thesis in Computer Science and Cryptography and are currently working towards PhD.

I have been working with payment systems for a while, with various companies and thought this blog might be useful to people starting out in the finance cryptography field.

There are not a lot of resources in this industry when it comes to financial switching and transactional management, so feel free to share my work and use it as a baseline for your ATM and EFTPOS integration projects.

If you are interested in having me on-board, and helping your company, you can find my resume here: http://resume.arthurvandermerwe.com/

If you need to contact me with any questions, then please use the form below



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