DUKPT Explained with examples

Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) process that’s described in Annex A of ANS X9.24-2004. It’s generally considered to be complex, but I’ve simplified it slightly with the help of online resources. Key Management Here’s a basic outline of the technique: You’re given a Base Derivation Key (BDK), which you assign to a swiper (noteContinue reading “DUKPT Explained with examples”

EFTPOS Initialisation using RSA Cryptography

Before you start with RSA, you should generate a public and private key pair using your HSM. These can be group keys or specific to the terminal you need to connect. Your terminal manufacturer will also provide its public key and modulus. Using these keys you will be able to calculate the TMK1 and TMK2Continue reading “EFTPOS Initialisation using RSA Cryptography”

ATM Pin encryption using 3DES

Introduction Most modern ATM’s use a Triple Des algorithm to encrypt the pin and send it to a host server for processing. Once the host system receives the pin, it does a translation of the pin from one encryption key to another, and sends it to a bank. In this post I will attempt toContinue reading “ATM Pin encryption using 3DES”