DUKPT Explained with examples

Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) process that’s described in Annex A of ANS X9.24-2004. It’s generally considered to be complex, but I’ve simplified it slightly with the help of online resources. Key Management Here’s a basic outline of the technique: You’re given a Base Derivation Key (BDK), which you assign to a swiper (noteContinue reading “DUKPT Explained with examples”

Doing PIN Translation with DUKPT

On PIN-enabled Debit/EBT transactions sent in from an acquirer’s point-of-sale location, your payment switch application must perform a PIN translation, typically transforming an incoming DUKPT PIN block from the POS device-initiated request into a outgoing Triple DES-encrypted PIN block that makes use of an established Zone PIN Key (“ZPK”) which would have been previously establishedContinue reading “Doing PIN Translation with DUKPT”