Thales 9000 with AS2805 Interchange & RSA EFTPOS Commands.

Interchange Cryptographic Keys  Interchange keys are used to protect financial transactions initiated at Acquirer eftpos / ATM Terminals while in transit to the Issuer institution. Interchange keys may be either: (a) PIN encrypting keys – used to protect the customer PIN from the point of origin to the point of authorisation. PIN encrypting keys areContinue reading “Thales 9000 with AS2805 Interchange & RSA EFTPOS Commands.”

Parsing AS2505/8583 Messages

Foreword Previously I briefly touched on the AS2805 standards, and now I have an implementation of the parsing of these messages The full code of this post is available here : I have a C# implementation of this as well here: The code is thanks to the following author: He has a brilliantContinue reading “Parsing AS2505/8583 Messages”

AS2805 Standards for EFT

Australia Standards 2805 (AS2805) is the standard for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Payments in Australia and New Zealand. AS2805 is also used for some implementations in South Africa and SE Asian. AS2805 is owned by Australia Standards and was developed by various voluntary working groups within Committee IT/5. The implementation of AS2805 standards acrossContinue reading “AS2805 Standards for EFT”